An estate, two territories

Costières de Nîmes et Coteaux du Pont du Gard

A wine estate, 2 « terroirs »  

The northen terroir of Costières de Nîmes from a vast plateau of pebbles and the terroir of Coteaux du Pont du Gard on loess land. The weather is more often very windy and always sunny. There is different grapes varieties as Syrah, Grenache,  Mourvèdre, Merlot, Cinsault and Chardonnay.

The alchemy betwen the terroir, the weather and the different grapes varieties offers a wide range of fruity and spicy red wines, gourmet rosé and fresh and delicate white wines.

Christophe Aguilar

A story of Patience 

It’s in the beautiful wine cellar dating from 1930, made with authentic stone, that Christophe Aguilar, vinifies his own wine in full respect of the fruit.

It’ s in preserving natural yeast, controlling winemaking temperatures, filtering at least his wine andlimiting the sulphiting that he made his wine. There is for now two differents wine made without sulphite : « les nouvelles » which is a red, fruity wine made from Grenache and Syrah and a white, fresh wine call « les nouvelles chardonnay » made with chardonnay.

This require entering a perfect healthy harvest to have a failtless hygiene in cellar and to control very closely the evolution of wine in vats. Then, his wine are carefully mixed and bottled at the Domaine and kept in optimal condition into the large cellar to keep it fresh and original.

He choose to respect the ecosystem and the terroir that he preserves by cultivating his vines according to the organic way. He perpetuates his vineyard by choosing grapes adapted to the region. Finally knowing perfectly the possibilities of his soil he choose to preside a union of wine producers of Coteaux du Pont du Gard that he hopes to see recognized at it fair value.

For this reason he work with the INAO on a viticulture’s climate change.